Think you are fit enough? Enter the Fittest Superstars Challenge! October 27th 2018

Fittest Superstars Challenge 2018

The Gavin Glynn Foundation Fittest Superstars team challenge is an indoor fitness challenge made up with 14 teams of 4 people, teams (2 men and 2 women on each team | Over 18’s only).

*Teams will be required to raise money to cover the cost of entry (we will send you details upon entry)*

Prior to the event Teams will be given a fitness and nutrition plan by Mike Hogan our in house fitness expert.

On the night of the event each team will participate in 3 different challenges.

Challenge 1 will be a Spin bike challenge, teams must peddle for 1 minute on our spin bikes and the combined distance travelled on the bikes is their score.

Challenge 2 is our hanging tough challenge where teams will hang on our custom built hanging tough bars, the total time that the team hang for will be their score.

Challenge 3 is the box jump challenge, again team members will do this together with the total number of jumps by all members added together for their score.

At the end of these three challenges the top five scoring teams will go through to our gruelling fittest Superstars obstacle course, the remaining teams will be eliminated by out MC.

The final, each team will individually go through the course and basically the fasted team time which will be announced at the end will be crowned The Gavin Glynn Foundation Fittest Superstars.

The final course is made up of the following:
• Sand Bag challenge
• 7 ft High wall
• 10 ft High wall
• Balance beams
• Cargo net
• Monkey bars
• Final platform